This is Randy Andrews, Founder and inventor of JAVAcid. I wanted to thank you personally for trying JAVAcid Sample Packs as away to reduce coffee acid stomach upset, Acid Reflux, IC, GERD and stomach pain caused by other acidic foods and beverages. Many of our customers have also found that JAVAcid helps while drinking green tea, wine, and in foods such as spaghetti sauce. For more in depth info about how GERD's, IC and Acid Reflux sufferers are helped by JAVAcid's all natural ingredients, read our extensive FAQ pages at http://www.javacid.com/t-faq.aspx

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Sincerely, Randy Andrews Founder of JAVAcid www.JAVAcid.com 877-JAVA-cid (877-528-2243) [email protected]

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What others saying about JAVAcid!

"I am so pleased that I tried your product! JAVAcid has made it possible for me to drink coffee again with out severe bladder pain and other unpleasant symptoms. I suffer with IC and haven't been able to drink coffee for over three years. I ordered some of your JAVAcid and when it arrived yesterday I made a pot of coffee for my husband. I poured myself a cup, stirred in the JAVAcid and began to drink. I finished the coffee and had no pain or other symptoms. I had another cup today with the same wonderful results. I have really missed being able to enjoy a cup of coffee at breakfast. Now I can enjoy my coffee again. Thank you for reuniting me with my coffee! Thank goodness for this wonderful product! " - Janet

"I have IC and used your product in a small cup of tomato sauce. I have not had this in 2 years and missed it so much. I was able to have spaghetti with the sauce with no trouble. Your product is great! " - Lisa

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