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If you like coffee, you’ll love your favorite coffee with JAVAcid! Specifically formulated to remain flavor neutral, giving you all the enjoyment of your favorite cup without the miserable side effects—heartburn, indigestion or sour stomach.


You don’t have to limit yourself to using home brewed low acid coffee like Hevla Coffee®, Simply Smooth® or Puroast®*.


Right out of the packet, Patent Pending JAVAcid powder has a natural, earthy aroma and taste, but combined with coffee the flavors neutralize, leaving nothing but great coffee flavor.


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Any Coffee Drink —Anytime!

You can drink the same coffee as your co-workers, drink your favorite blend at Starbucks®, enjoy any coffee, anytime! Use JAVAcid in all your favorite coffee drinks—brewed or french press coffee, cappuccino, latte, mocha or just a straight shot of espresso.


That’s what makes JAVAcid the preferred solution for people who love to drink any coffee anytime, at home or on the go, without stomach upset.

Regulating Digestive Health For Your Active Lifestyle

In addition to reducing stomach acid, the ingredients in JAVAcid like DGL and two kinds of fiber naturally improve intestinal flora and when taken for 14 days may improve overall digestive health and regularity. You can use zero-calorie JAVAcid in place of high calorie, less portable digestive health foods like Kraft LiveActive© cheese, cottage cheese or Activia® yogurt.

For more information about how JAVAcid works see the “How it Works” section.


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